V-TUF V-TUF MAMMOTH Stainless Steel Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner (230V)



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The MAMMOTH Stainless has powerful ‘twin impeller’ motors which are independently switched. This gives you top suction power on standard 240V at 3500W. The MAMMOTH Stainless has arguably the most powerful suction head on any 240V cleaner. This means you can choose your suction power by having any number of motors on at any given time. The V-TUF MAMMOTH STAINLESS is Large Capacity Industrial WET & DRY Vacuum Cleaner which has an 80L sainless steel tank which has a convenient tipping feature too. There is a variety of filtration methods for various applications. The MAMMOTH Stainless comes as standard with an Aqua Dry basket ‘easy to wash’ filter for sucking a broad range of materials from liquid, solids to dust.


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