Nilfisk ALTO Nilfisk ALTO MAXXI II 35 Commercial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner (230V)



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MAXXI II 35 offers a innovative dual filter system allowing the machine to be used for both wet and dry applications without the need to change filters. Thanks to MulitFit connection the MAXXI II tools are compatible with all ATTIX accessories. The MAXXI II wet and dry vacuum cleaner presents a number of innovative design features making every day operation and maintenance easy, ergonomic and more productive. The specially designed hinged motor head allows quick and easy filter inspection without lifting off the motor. Furthermore, the motor head allows the container to be emptied without moving any components, reducing the risk of damage or loss to critical parts. When lifting the container, the MAXXI II balances the weight making emptying of even full containers of fluid effortless.


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