Karcher Kärcher Safety Vacuum System NT 30L/1 Tact Te H (230V)



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When performing renovation work in old buildings, you can never know what to expect. This kind of work often releases asbestos along with other substances which are harmful to health and/or carcinogenic and must be removed immediately. With the NT 30/1 Tact Te H, you will have the perfect wet and dry vacuum cleaner for these types of tasks. This unit is extremely compact and highly mobile, not only taking account of external basic conditions, but it has also been tested and approved for all dusts in the H class, and thanks to the innovative new double filtration feature, hazardous dusts can be captured using a safety filter bag. It also means that large quantities of less hazardous dusts can be sucked up directly into the 30 litre container. This is where the further improved and highly efficient Tact filter cleaning system is used, and with it, the device achieves a guaranteed filtration efficiency of 99.995%. This unit also includes a practical power outlet with auto-start, as well as the fully antistatic design including conductive accessories round off the versatile yet capable NT 30/1 Tact Te H. Benefits – Improved automatic filter cleaning system at reduced noise level – Improved robustness for usage at construction sites – Easy handling operation Switch, clever accessory storage, main filter housing) – Large net volume, easy handling thanks to location of suction hose connector in the container head – New extensive, user-friendly accessory with improved performance – Dust class H certification


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