LIECTROUX X5S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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WIFI Enabled, App Control, Zigzag Planned Cleaning Type, Water Tank, Remote controller, HEPA Filter

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LIECTROUX X5S Robot Vacuum Cleaner




Product name: LIECTROUX X5S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

1. Advanced localisation cleaning system supported by groups of infrared sensors, gyroscope and acceleration transducers

2. Super efficient cleaning mode

3. Low noise level within 60 DB

4. Interchangeable dust bin and water tank, which is perfect for wet mopping

5. Long life lithium battery

6. WiFi enabled

7. Big dust bin and water tank

8. High efficient cleaning brushes

Auto Cleaning Time Scheduling WiFi Enabled Localisation Cleaning Wet Mopping



X5S is a higher end robot vacuum cleaner, which has two separated dust bins, one with vacuuming (600 ml), the other dust bin (300 ml) with water tank (300 ml).
It also has higher end localisation system by using gyroscope, groups of top end infrared sensors and acceleration transducers.

APP control

To start, stop, recall your robot cleaner at any time, anywhere in the world as long as you got an internet with the robot.

Multiple cleaning modes


As most of previous robot cleaners, it can clean different types of floors in modes of zigzag, auto, edge cleaning, spot cleaning.
X5S performs better when doing zigzag cleaning after using the INFRA-GYRO integrated localisation technology.

Water tank

Big built-in water tank on dust box, with capacity of 300 ml, finishes about 150-200 square metre wet mopping without refilling water.

Dust bin

Interchangeable large 600 ml dust bin for dry cleaning.

Big LED Screen

With LED screen to display time, working status, error codes, battery status, and set up working schedule.

Everyday scheduling system

You can set up cleaning schedules from Monday to Sunday by simply configuring it by the remote control. It runs as you wish and recharges itself whenever the power is low.

Auto Charging

It can find auto charging station fast and charge itself full in only about three hours.

Big water tank and big mop

It has a big water tank of 330 ml which is enough for up to 2 hours wet mopping. The super micro-fabric cloth is good in cleaning up dirt easily and to be washed.

Anti-cliff sensors 

In order to protect your robot its equipped well with a series of high-accuracy infrared sensors, it will not drop off the steps higher than 5 cm, while most of the robot cleaners will drop off from steps that are about high 8 cm.

Longer working time

2600 mAh lithium-ion battery pack supports of cleaning work for about 90 – 120 minutes after each fully charged battery. LIECTROUX X5S Robot Vacuum Cleaner covers up to 150 – 200 square meters of surface. However, the auto recharge feature is enabling this robot to fully charge its battery before its battery gets fully depleted and it carries on working after a full charge. It only takes about 3 hours charging to recover its power.



1. The item will be shipped with EU type plug, that is two pin, round shape, with AC 100 V – 240 V input voltage, and 50/60 HZ frequency.
When you are buying from the United States, Canada etc, countries which use American type plug, we will send an EU to American plug adaptor for each piece of robot together with the package.
When you are buying from the United Kingdom, which use British type plug, we will send an EU to British plug type adaptor for each piece of robot together with the package.
2. The language of user’s manual is English.
3. The parcel will come with no batteries for remote control, customers will need to buy batteries for the remote control separately
4. When the item has been sent from EU warehouse, there would be a logo of LIECTROUX printed on the robot; When the item has been sent from Chinese warehouse, there would not be a logo of LIECTROUX printed on the robot. But during busy season and some special time period, we may stock some robots without LIECTROUX logo at EU warehouse too. So we can not promise that the robot shipped to you, would be with or without LIECTROUX logo. What we can say is, all the robots sold at this store and shipped to you are made by LIECTROUX company.


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