LIECTROUX B3000 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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LED Touch Screen, Self Recharging, Suction Outlet, Remote Control, Anti-fall Sensor

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LIECTROUX B3000 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner



Product name: LIECTROUX B3000 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner



1. Powerful Suction & Intelligent Suction Adjustment


A. Powerful suction:

Suction power of this product is very strong, ensuring that even tiny dust on the floor will be cleaned thoroughly.


B. Intelligent Suction Adjustment:

This product is able to automatically adjust its suction power when meeting different floor environments. Not only could it make cleaning more efficient, but also helps save more than 30% energy.



2. Considerate Designs


A. Easy step-by-step operation

By pressing only ONE button, you could easily direct the robot! Besides, operation you take on the robot will be double confirmed by tone.

Press “CLEAN”, and follow tone demonstration, let your robot start working for you.


B. Washable dust bin

Dust bin could be washed by water. Simply wash the dust bin under water per day to avoid dust blowing in the air.


C. With touch screen, HEPA filter, two side-brushes, remote control and virtual blocker.


D. With UV sterilising function.


E. With water tank (wet and dry mopping).



3. Various Cleaning Modes


Four cleaning modes are provided to meet your needs.


A. Auto cleaning mode:

The robot will clean a room automatically and adjust its cleaning mode according to the situation.


B. Spot cleaning mode:

The robot will spiral intensely when it detects a dirtier area.


C. Edge cleaning mode:

When the robot detects obstacles (wall for example), it will start cleaning the corner with its two side brushes.


D. Scheduling mode:

When certain time is scheduled, the robot will leave the home base and start working in the scheduled time.



4. Product parts: 


No.1 Main Unit – 1pc
No.2 Self Charging Base – 1pc
No.3 Remote Control (battery not included) – 1pc
No.4 Virtual Blocker (battery not included) – 1pc
No.5 AC Adopter – 1pc
No.6 Cleaning Brush Tool – 1pc
No.7. Water Tank with 2 Mopping Pad – 1set
NO.8 Spare Side Brushes – 2pc
No.9 HEPA filter – 1pc
No.10 User Manual – 1pc





1. The language of user’s manual is English.


2. On the pictures as above, there is a logo “LIECTROUX” printed on the robot, but the actual product comes with no logo.

3. When the parcel sent from EU warehouse, there is a logo of LIECTROUX printed on the robot; but when it has been sent from Chinese warehouse, there is no logo of LIECTROUX printed on the robot. In case of busy season and some special time, we may stock some robots without LIECTROUX logo at EU warehouse. Therefore, we can not make a promise that, the robot shipped to you is with or without LIECTROUX logo. What you can be sure is, all the robots sold at this store and shipped to you are made by LIECTROUX company.

Very Important:


1. Please block the pinhole with your finger while injecting water into the tank, assembling and disassembling the water tank, otherwise the water will leak out of the pinhole.


2. Water tank (wet and dry mopping) is not suit for carpet use. Please take the water tank out if you would like to use this robot to clean carpet.

Please confirm that you can accept above two points before you buy. If you buy this item, it means that you can not raise dispute for these features.



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