Benross 200 LED R/C Chaser Lights With Timer – Blue & White

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200 LED R/C Chaser Lights With Timer – Blue & White This is a set of 200 LED Chaser Lights that are safe to use indoors or outside. The white and blue LED bulbs are able to be set to turn off and on with ease using the cool remote control and they can also be set to run in any one of the set of 8 mode sequences pre-programmed into the unit so you can choose your favorite pattern (Combination, Sequential, Chaser Flashing, Twinkle Flashing, Waves, Slow Glow, Slow Fade, and Steady On). The remote means you don’t need to reach for the function unit to change the pattern. A fantastic Christmas decoration that will look great in your home or office. Features Indoor and Outdoor use 8 Functions 200 individual LED lights Includes remote control with timer Mains powered


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