Teng Teng TCMM1055EV 1055 Piece Toolkit



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A comprehensive 1,055 piece tool kit covering just about every type of regularly used technician’s tools. Built up using the unique Teng Tools TC tray system and supplied in a TC806SV/TC803SV/TCW707EV 8 series ball bearing top box/middle box/roller cabinet combination. TCF01 brackets are included for securing the middle box to the roller cabinet. The TCW-SP01 side plate is also included for hanging additional tools on the outside using Teng Tools hooks (see tool storage accessories). 1476NTX1 8 piece fold up ball point TX key set 1477NX 8 piece fold up screwdriver key set 587H Magnifying glass with LED light TT1435 35 piece 1/4” drive regular/deep metric socket set TT3819 19 piece 3/8” drive metric socket set TT1218 18 piece 1/2” drive metric socket set TT1211 11 piece 1/2” drive deep metric socket set TT1236 12 piece metric combination spanner set TT6010M 10 piece midget combination spanner set TT6508RS 8 piece metric ratchet combination spanner set TTADJ04 4 piece adjustable wrench set TTHEX7 7 piece metric T handle hex key set TTTX7 7 piece T handle TX driver set TTHT28 28 piece hex and TX key set TT804 4 piece puller set TTD441-T 8 piece plier set TT474-7 4 piece 7” circlip plier set TTMI16 16 piece mini plier and screwdriver set TTCP04 4 piece ratcheting crimping plier set TTCP121 121 piece crimping tool set TTV440 4 piece 1000 volt insulated plier set TTV907N 7 piece 1000 volt insulated screwdriver set TTTF10 10 piece flaring tool set TTK40 40 piece knife set TDCT05 5 piece cutting tool set TTD914N 14 piece screwdriver set TT917TXN 7 piece TX driver set TTMD74 74 piece ratcheting bits driver set TTX918N 8 piece screwdriver set TTHR81 Rivet gun set TTNR81 Nutsert gun set TTSD39 39 piece torque screwdriver set TTBE18 18 piece stud extractor set TTX1292 1/2” drive torque wrench TTVG05 5 piece power grip plier set TTID20 20 piece impact driver set TTPC09 9 piece punch and chisel set TTNF12 12 needle file set TTEXT13 13 piece extension set TTAF32 32 piece 1/4” and 3/8” drive AF socket set TT1215AF 15 piece 1/2” drive AF socket set TTCM05D 5 piece measuring tool set TTTM08 8 piece inspection tool set TTXTB09 9 piece 3/8” drive spark plug socket set TTTXH15 15 piece 1/2” drive hex and TX socket set TTTX30 30 piece TX, TPX and TXE socket set TTRS15 15 piece 1/2” drive Ribe socket set TTBS35 35 piece 1/4” and 3/8” drive bit socket set TTX2032 7 piece metric combination spanner set TT9024 24 piece 1/4” and 3/8” drive metric impact socket set TT9207 7 piece 3/8” and 1/2” drive impact socket accessory set TT9116 16 piece 1/2” drive metric impact socket set TTTS08 8 piece 1/2” drive wheel nut set TTXPB3 3 piece roll/heel bar set 583M Magnetic wrist band TM149 4 in 1 hook and pick set 9850 6-24 volt circuit tester DB034 34 piece fully ground drill bit set 580 Magnetic bits tray


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