V-TUF V-TUF Rapid DES 15/200 Diesel Hot Water Pressure Washer



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The V-TUF Rapid VSC Dem is a premium 10HP diesel engine driven, stainless covered hot water mobile pressure washer that provides robust and reliable performance for excellent results with even the most complex cleaning tasks. This model also features a heavy duty galvanised steel frame with crane attachment points meaning it is an ideal choice for fleet washing and graffiti removal, with it capable of 3000psi (200bar) and 15 litres of water flow per minute. This unit also has a large 22 litre fuel tank that is easy to fill for added convenience. Completing this professional machine is a 10HP engine for excellent reliability and performance at all times. Specifications: Fuel, Water and detergent protection filters 304 Stainless steel protective covers Heavy duty galvanized steel tubular frame with crane attachment points Large 22ltr fuel tank. Detergent flow regulator. Micro-Controllable High efficiency double pass heat exchanger Chemical injection system No. 1 Italian Crank shaft pump with ceramic and brass and components. Excellent spares availability. Gearbox transmission at 1450 RPM Bypass valve & safety valve Pressure gauge. Burner control with flow switch and thermostat 24V low tension control system.


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