Clarke Clarke CHS2E – 2″ Petrol Powered Semi-Trash Water Pump



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Genuine Honda petrol powered engine. This great petrol powered water pump can be used to drain pits pools, trenches and foundations as well as for field irrigation. This water pump can pump sand and solids in suspension up to 20mm in size. It includes hose connections and intake strainer, a silicon carbide seal and cast aluminium outer casing. This petrol powered water pump combines a Honda powered water pump with Clarke’s great build quality. This results in a powerful, robust & heavy duty machine which is up for the job. The CHS2E handles clean water, brackish water and even the dirty water found on building sites, in farms yards and let over after flooding, making it more than suitable for use by local authorities, waterways & environmental agencies, builders, farmers and householders too. Cast iron and aluminium pump components ensure reliable long term operation; Honda’s 4hp power unit means the engine won’t let it down either. Pump and motor are protected by a strong & sturdy steel frame that makes lifting & moving it easier too.


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