Bosch 35 Piece Impact Control HSS Drill Bit and Screwdriver Bit Set



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This 35 piece HSS Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set from Bosch can be used for everyday and heavy duty applications The drill bits are suitable for drilling in most metal materials The special formulated V steel alloy this set can be used with high voltage impact drivers because of their extreme toughness Torsion control helps withstands the stress of high torque applications The Drill and Screwdriver Bits have a black oxide finish with diamond ground cutting edges The centering tip has been designed for precise drilling and good guidance before drilling holes Key Features Ideal for heavy duty use Designed for precise drilling and guidance Can drill in to most metals Can be used with high voltage drivers Torsion control Set Contents Length in mm – 25252560505050 Pieces – 35 HSS drill bits in mm – 3 & 4 x 90 5 2x 6 2x 8 2x x 100 Bits Length – 25mm PH1 PH22x PH3 PZ2 3X PZ3 T15 T203x T253x T303x T40 Bits Length – 50mm PH2 PZ2 T15 T20 T25 T30 Quick Release Magnetic Bit Holder Robust case


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