Zexum Zinc Coated Drywall / Plasterboard Driva Screws 10pk – 32mm Blue



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Zinc alloy Driva screws are designed to easily pilot and secure traditional screws into plasterboard, easing installation of fittings and fixtures. Available in sizes 32mm and 38mm the driva screws require no special tools, and can even be easily installed with a simple phillips screwdriver. These fittings can be used to hold drywall in place, and to fasten fixtures such as paintings and other such decorations into the drywall, and with the zinc alloy these screws are sure to stand up to time well. Main features Zinc Alloy Driva Screws Ideal For Plasterboard Can be Used with hand tools easily Essential for decorators or other installation professionals Technical Specification Dimensions: 14mm X 32mm 14mm x 28mm Construction: Zinc Alloy Screw Head: Phillips Weight: 60g 66g 1 Year Warranty Included


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