Warrior Handling Equipment Handling Equipment UK WARRIOR Auto Pallet Leveller and Turntable 200kg-2000kg



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The perfect product for helping with loading/unloading products on to and off of pallets. The height automatically adjusts as you add/remove load, to maintain a comfortable working height for employees. Plus, the top of the unit leveller acts as a turntable, so you don’t even have to walk around a pallet to unload everything! Keep carrying distances shorter, save twisting, bending and straining, and get the job done quickly too! Not only that, but the pallet leveller comes with 3 springs and 4 subsequent combinations to give you the vast load range of 200-2000kg (0.2-2.0T). The simplest ideas are the best, and this will transform that awkward, monotonous but ultimately necessary task of packing-up and packing-down pallets. ALL PRODUCTS INCLUDE A FULL 12 MONTHS “ON SITE” PARTS & LABOUR WARRANTY


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