Seton White De-Icing Rock Salt – 25KG



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Seton White De-Icing Rock Salt White De-Icing Rock Salt is ideal for both Domestic and Commercial use, providing a clean gritting solution with little to no residue. Ideal for quick de-icing of car parks, pathways, pavements and steps Works Quickly to leave areas free from ice with minimal to no residue Guards against re-freezing The ground and air temperature will determine melt rates. To help prevent the formation of snow, apply evenly at 40mg/cubic meters when snow is forecast. It’s not suitable for use near ponds, grass, plants. The salt is safe to handle. Why would I choose white rock salt? The main reason is that unlike brown rock salt which leaves muddy surfaces after melting, white rock salt melts ice and snow fast, but leaves a clean, safe surface. Technical Specification: Application: Footpaths, steps, pathways, car parks Material: Sodium Chloride Temperature: 10°C The following first aid treatment is recommended: Skin – Wash with water Eyes – Irrigate with eyewash or water. Inhalation – Fresh air and drink water. Ingestion – Drink plenty of water and seek medical attention.


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