OB1 290ml Sealant & Adhesive – Clear



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.container a:link { color: blue; } .container a:visited { color: purple; } .container a:hover { color: red; } .container a:active { color: green; } Bonds all metals even lead, plastics including PVC & GRP and more including glass, mirror, polystyrene, fibreglass & wood. Works in water. Features zero VOCs. Available in Clear, White, Black, Grey, Brown, Beige, Terracotta, and Anthracite. Suitable for interior and exterior use Mould and mildew resistant Odourless and solvent-free Paintable and flexible Apply in wet or dry conditions Technical Specification Shrinkage: Nil Flow: 140g/min Full Cure Time: 24hrs – 6mm, 48hrs – 7/12mm Thermal Stability: -40°C to +120°C Shelf Life: 18 Months Technical Specification – Clear, Colours Safety Datasheet – Clear, Colours


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