Knight Grade 3 92Db Tampered Door Extension Speaker Sounder



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The I20 Grade III Intruder Alarm Internal or Extension Sounder from Knight Fire & Security is ideal for placement in alarm systems with mounted door contacts, enabling a high volume 92Db alarm tone to play when the operating range of the relevant contact has been breached. What is meant by the term Grade 3? Grade 3 refers to the grade of intruder alarm system you have on the premises, especially if you are depending on the alarm system for insurance cover in your home or business. A Grade 3 Alarm basically means Medium to High Risk, Intruders are expected to be conversant with the alarm system and havce a comprehensive range of tools and portable electronic equipment. Made from high quality plastics and fitting a high-power 16Ohm speaker in a low profile 120x120x50mm casing, the I20 is a true top quality sounder that is sure to give you the edge against thieves or vandals on your premises. Main Features: 92Db alarm sounder for door contact systems 16Ohm extension speaker Grade 3 security product Tampered High quality ABS/Mylar construction Technical Specification: Sound Pressure at 1M: 92Db Materials: ABS casing / Mylar speaker Dimensions: 120mm x 120mm x 50mm Temperature Range: -40°C – +50°C Tampers: Microswitch Speaker Diameter: 87mm Speaker: Mylar – 16 Ohm, 12 Watt Frequency range: 0.25-8Khz Resonance: 550Hz ±110Hz Sound Power Output: 97dB Voltage Range: 0-125v AC Max 0-200v DC Max Fittings: Wire Clamping Terminals & Concealed Fixing Screws Specification Sheet Installation of this product may require Alarm Cable


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