Knight Grade 1 2 Terminal White Surface Door Window Alarm Contact



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The D10 2 Term Above Surface Single Reed Magnetic Door Contact from Knight Fire & Security is ideal for placement in doors and windows in light-risk domestic or commercial areas. When wired to an alarm system, these contacts will trigger the sounder if the gap opening exceeds 20mm, and as the contact creates a circuit to your security system, wire tampering or a forced break of the circuit elsewhere will also sound the alarm. What is meant by the tearm Grade 1? Grade 1 refers to the grade of intruder alarm system you have on the premises, especially if you are depending on the alarm system for insurance cover in your home or business. A Grade 1 Alarm basically means Low Risk, Intruders are expected to have little knowledge of the alarm system and may be resticted to a limited range of easily available tools. The contacts are suitable for reccessing or mounting on the inside frame of your chosen door or window, and are paintable for a discreet fit. Main Features: Single Reed Switch Door & Window Contact Grade 1 Alarm Trigger 15mm Operating Threshold High Impact Polystyrene Construction Technical Specification: Operating Gap: 20mm (Approx) Materials: High Impact Polystyrene Magnet: Ferrite or Alnico V Contact Material: Rhodium Voltage Range: 1 – 100v DC, 125v AC Max Switching Current: 500mA Max DC, 500mA Max AC Temperature Range: -40°C – +50°C Installation of this product may require Alarm Cable


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