Kasp 40mm Laminated Steel Outdoor Padlock



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The Kasp laminated Steel Padlock 40mm twin pack has a hardened steel shackle for extra protection against hacksaw and cropping attacks, includes double bolted Locking mechanism resulting in extra strength to resist torsion and pull attacks, and It is resistant to corrosion due to its Zinc Plated steel laminated body. The 40mm lock has a 4 pin cylinder with anti-pick mushroom pins and has the extra protection against multiple forms of manipulation. Note: This lock is ideal for sheds, trunks, and other containers holding to lo medium value products. Main Features: Corrosion resistant Extra protection from; picking, hacksaw and cropping attacks, torsion and pull attacks Security rating of 6 out of 15 (Kasp index) Two Included Technical Specification: Size: 40mm Shackle Clearance: 22mm Materiel: Zinc Plated Laminated Steel Dimensions: 63x49x26mm 1 Year Guarantee Included


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