Hadley Fine Sea Salt Tablets – 25KG



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Fine Sea Salt Tablets – 25kg Fine Sea Salt Tablets Water Softening Tablets Increase Efficiency of Industrial Cleaning Units Conforms to Safety Standards 25kg Bag Made from High Purity Salt Fine Sea Salt Tablets are an evenly sized food grade tablet made from high purity salt, and are made so that they won’t chip, so they won’t leave any residue in your water softening system. Softens Hard Water The tablets dissolve quickly and will increase the efficiency and preserve the life of cleaning units and boilers and will reduce detergent and chemical use in laundries. Great for Domestic and Commercial Water Softeners These tablets are ideal for hotels, hospitals, laundries, restaurants, large factories, and applications such as reverse osmosis. Conforms to BS EN 14805:2005 and BS EN 973:2009.


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