Connekt Gear 2 PACK SPECIAL 2 Way UK Power Socket with USB Charging Plate



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For a Limited Time Only, You will receive 2 of the above 2 Way UK Power Socket with USB (27-2000) by Connekt Gear Mobile phones…. Tablet PC’s…. Music players….FED UP OF RUNNING OUT OF SOCKETS? You need the revolutionary solution for USB Charging! Upgrade using our USB charging plate in a few simple steps. Instantly creating 2 USB ports allowing you to free up your UK mains sockets for use with other appliances… easy swap & you’re set-up for fast USB charging Compatible with all major devices including Samsung & Apple! Designed for items such as Smartphone’s, Music Players, Cameras, Tablets & other devices that require charging via a USB port. Simply plug your USB cable directly into the USB sockets. Its not any old faceplate!…..The 2 Amp Intelligent Split Power Supply gives a far superior charging rate over many Standard USB Charging Plates. Rather than limiting the individual ports to half the overall allowance per port resulting in much slower charging times, the Group Gear USB Charging Plate has the potential to power up to 2 Amp from one single port 2 Amp intelligent split – 2 Amp is split between the 2 USB ports however each port only pulls the required power, allowing an optimum charging rate rather than a reduced slower rate The 2 Amp combined USB ports are powerful enough to quickly charge a single smartphone, it will swiftly charge two smartphones or similar devices together or charge a Tablet PC with ease. Fits any standard double backbox (minimum depth of 25mm) Simple retro fit socket The USB charging sockets are limited at 2 Amp, if the current exceeds this it will automatically trip off to protect your devices Surge & spike protected – protects your valuable equipment from damaging power surges & spikes If no device is connected, the transformer shuts down and power is not supplied to the USB ports Once a device is plugged in this activates the transformer and power is supplied to the required USB ports We recommend using a qualified electrician for installation Conforms to European Stand-by Mode Maximum USB output: 2A, 5V DC combined Working temperature: -20 – 80oC UK 3 pin socket output: 13A, 250V AC Dimensions: 145 x 84 x 11.5mm (W x H x D) Conforms to BS1363, BS5733, IEC60950-1 and LVD Directive. For the full specification of this product – click here


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