Boatyard Antibacterial 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser / Sanitizer – 5 Litre



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Premium product produced in Northern Ireland – at the heart of Lough Erne Certified medical and clinical-grade hand sanitizer – Certified to EN1500 and EN 13727 Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and germs 70% Alcohol content and World Health Organisation formulation Available in a Large 1L or 5L bottle Premium Hand Sanitizer produced by The Boatyard Distillery The Boatyard Distillery in County Fermanagh has switched its focus from producing top-selling luxury Gin products to premium hand sanitiser to help with the shortages of these essential products due to the ongoing pandemic. The Boatyard Distillery has produced this highly effective hand sanitiser for use in hospitals and it has already been distributed to medical/clinical settings throughout Ireland. Medical and Clinical Grade Hand Sanitiser by the Boatyard Distillery has been designed and approved for use in all Medical and Clinical environments to reduce the spread of infection and disease. 70% Alcohol content to provide extremely high levels of protection against bacteria and germs – 99.99% effective The no-rinse formula provides fast and efficient protection on the go – Simple, fast and effective World Health Organisation approved product The expertly designed formula has been produced to meet the World Health Organization’s criteria for hand rub formulations The formula contains: Ethanol 96% (70% Alcohol) Hydrogen peroxide 3% Glycerol 98% Sterile distilled water The effectiveness of this premium formulation on bacteria has been tested by WHO laboratories according to EN standards. This product has received full EN1500 and EN13727 certification. Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria This premium hand sanitiser provides effective and fast-acting formula eliminates germs on your hands to prevent them from spreading on to surfaces or to those around you to combat the spread of infection and disease The high alcohol content and specialised formulation of this hand sanitiser kills 99.99% of germs, fungi, cocci, viruses and bacteria. Usage Information Suitable for Adults Children over the age of 3 years under adult supervision How to Use Hand Sanitiser Shake well before use Apply a small amount (3ml) directly to cover the surface of dry hands and rub briskly for 60 seconds until dry No rinsing required Cautions Do not use on broken or damaged skin Keep out of reach of children Highly flammable ethanol-based liquid – avoid flames and heat Avoid contact with eyes – if liquid comes in contact with eyes immediately rinse with water Not for human consumption: If swallowed seek medical advice immediately


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