Altrad Belle Belle PCLX 16/45E Heavyweight Electric Plate Compactor with 450mm Wide Plate 110V



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A heavyweight professional plate with excellent performance and travel speed from the 16kN vibration unit. Designed with an environmentally friendly Electric Motor for use indoors and poorly ventilated areas. High performance 16kN vibration unit for excellent travel speed. High Compaction Force reduces usage times. Engineered to be robust and durable for rental and heavy contractor use. Environmentally friendly, 2.2kW zero emission Electric Motor for use indoors & in poorly ventilated areas. Low HAV design for longer, safe usage times. Efficient Electric Motor is ideal for night time and urban usage. Centrifugal Clutch for soft start & reduced current surge. Professional 32amp power inlet for effective cable management. Large sealed oil-filled vibrator with top quality bearings for reliability and durability. Integrated Quick Engage Wheel Kit with Large diameter Wheels to aid transportation on rough terrain. Quick Locating Handle Latch for increased stability whilst operating the Wheel Kit. 8mm thick long life base plate for optimum compaction and reliability. Pull Bar for increased manoeuvrability. No fuel or engine maintenance and higher return on investment. Class 1 Earthed Appliance. Integrated Motor protection frame. Block Paving Pad option available. .


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