Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Universal Degreaser Grease & Sparkle 750ml



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Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Universal Degreaser Grease & Sparkle. This cleaner is ideal for: cutlery, plates, oven hobs, dishes, pots and pans, work tops, refrigerators, stainless steel, tiles, grills, cupboards, appliances, doors, extractor hoods, metal Venetian blinds, bins, garden furniture, Bicycles, Car rims, Marble, Granite, and natural stone surfaces, glass (rinse after use).Cillit Bang’s unique formula gets rid of even the toughest grime right before your eyes – day in day out, anywhere in the house; whether it’s eliminating eyeliner from bedroom carpets or banishing caked on food from kitchen appliances and crockery. Bang! – and the dirt is gone.Features: Cillit Bang power cleanerGreat stain removalUniversal degreaserEffective cleanSpray handleEffective on grease, food stains, dirt & grimeTo achieve 100% stain removal*:1. Turn Nozzle to On and spray foam onto surface2. Leave to act for a few seconds3. Clean, wipe and rinseFor tough dirt leave for a maximum of 5 minutes*On greasy stains when used according to the usage instructions.CAUTION: These surfaces can’t handle CILLIT BANG’s Purposeful Purple Punch:Halogen hobs, Wooden surfaces, Hot or damaged surfaces, vinyl surfaces, Satinated fittings, Linoleum, Vinyl, Textiles and carpets, Rubber, Etched/matt glass.Ingredients


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