Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Limescale & Shine 750ml



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Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Limescale & Shine super effective foam quickly removes limescale, dirt and grime from various home and outdoor surfaces. This cleaner is ideal for sinks, toilets, glass, tiled walls, draining boards, acrylic, showers, stainless steel taps, ceramic floors and bath tubs.Features: Cillit Bang power cleanerTurbo foamLimescale & shineEffective cleanSpray handleTo achieve 100% stain removal*:1. Turn Nozzle to On and spray foam onto surface2. Leave to act for a few seconds3. Clean, wipe and rinseFor tough dirt leave for a maximum of 5 minutes and use a scourer*tested on Limescale, Soap scum and Rust. For best results use regularly.Ingredients:Contains


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