150g Astonish Original Oven & Cookware Cleaner



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Specially formulated for use on ovens and cookware but also for use on numerous items around the home. Easy to use items will be left clean, shiny and restored to like new and unlike many similar cleaners this fume free, non toxic paste can be used without gloves! Ideal for use on ovens, cook tops and hobs, pans, cookware, baths, tiles, sinks, taps, uPVC windows and doors and patio furniture.Explore more of our range, we have a huge variety of products in stock. Have a query or can’t find something you’re looking for? We receive new deliveries every week, so if the item you wish to purchase is currently out of stock, please contact our Customer Services Team and we may be able to reserve the items you require.Features:Superb Astonish oven cleaning pasteSpecially formulated for ovens and cookwareEasy to use and fume freeIdeal for oven tops and hobsGreat value for money!


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