Bosch Bosch GSR 12 V-15 FC Professional 10.8/12 V FlexiClick Drill Driver With 2×2.0Ah Batteries



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Integrated Flexi-Click attachments makes the tool suitable for a range of jobs. User Benefits:- Range of chucks: Providing the tool with flexibility One-Click interface: Easy change between attachments Rotatable chucks: Helps with tight situations 100% Compatibility: 10.8V / 12V system Supplied with:- 1/2 L-BOXX inlay for tool and charger 1 600 A00 2UV 1/2 L-Boxx inlay 12 V adapters 1 600 A01 1UW 2 x battery GBA 12 V 2.0 Ah 1 600 Z00 02X Angle adapter GFA 12-W 1 600 A00 F5K Bit holder adapter GFA 12-X 1 600 A00 F5J Drill chuck adapter GFA 12-B 1 600 A00 F5H L-BOXX 102 1 600 A00 1RP Offset angle adapter GFA 12-E 1 600 A00 F5L Quick charger GAL 1230 CV 1 600 A01 16B


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