Wera Wera Belt B VDE 1 Zyklop 3/8″ Drive Insulated TORX®/Hex-Plus Socket Bit Set



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Wera Zyklop bit socket belt for both Hexagon headed bolts and TORX® screws. Zyklop VDE sockets/bit sockets offer increased safety thanks to a 2 component isolation. The yellow insulation core becomes visible in case of any damage to the outer red VDE insulation layer, to ensure safe working. A ball stop groove allows for a secure fit when used with the Zyklop VDE ratchet. Each socket is individually tested and fully rated to 1,000 volts in accordance with EN 60900:2012. The bit sockets have all the advantages of Wera bit technology. The Holding Function profiles; via a unique design holds the fastener onto the tool, making assembly or disassembly work in awkward situations an ease. The protective coating protects against surface damage. Stored on a robust textile belt, with a smooth Twist to Unlock mechanism that ensures secure storage and simple removal of the bit sockets. Supplied with a nonwoven reverse side and hook and loop strips for simple attachment e.g. to a wall, shelf, tool trolley and to the Wera 2go tool transport system. Torx Bits 1 x TX 20 x 55 mm 1 x TX 25 x 55 mm 1 x TX 27 x 55 mm 1 x TX 30 x 55 mm 1 x TX 40 x 55 mm 1 x TX 45 x 59 mm Hex Bits 1 x 4 x 55 mm 1 x 5 x 55 mm 1 x 6 x 55 mm 1 x 8 x 59 mm


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