Wera Wera 8740 A HF Zyklop 8 Piece 1/4” Drive Hex Bit Socket Set



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This socket set comes with a holding function to make assembly or disassembly easy. Wera’s Hex-Plus drive design also allows up to 20% more torque to be transferred, and prevents rounding out and fastener head damage. This selection is designed for intensive use and guaranteed for production use with non-impact power tools. This socket set is also especially short (28mm), and has all the advantages of Wera bit technology. Includes: 8740 A 1 x 2.0×28.0mm 1 x 2.5×28.0mm 8740 A HF 1 x 3.0×28.0mm 1 x 4.0×28.0mm 1 x 5.0×28.0mm 1 x 6.0×28.0mm 1 x 7.0×28.0mm 1 x 8.0×28.0mm


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