Wera Zyklop Belt B 1 3/8″ Metric Bolt Holding Socket 10 Piece Set



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10 piece 3/8″ drive socket set for hexagon sockets on a robust textile belt with a snap hook for secure fastening to a belt loop or pocket. Sockets with holding function for screws/nuts/bolts, clamping is achieved by a twin spring loaded ball retention system. The tubing is effectively protected against mechanical wear & tear by a steel ring, especially helpful in confned hard-to-reach spaces, where room is limited for a second hand to secure the screw. All new smooth turning mechanism guarantees both secure and rattle-free storage, yet allows for easy removal of the tool. Take It Easy tool finder means with colour-coding according to profile and size for quick and easy tool selection. Manual & machine sockets can be used for both hand and power tools (non-impact), users need just one socet set for all applications. Non-woven reverse side and hook and loop strips for simple attachment to a wall, shelf, tool trolley etc. and to the Wera 2go tool transport system. The Twist to Unlock mechanism provides secure storage and simple removal of the sockets. Key Features Chrome Vanadium steel Matt chrome-plated Holding function holds screws securely on the tool ‘Take It Easy’ tool finder with colour-coding Knurling at lower end for improved grip Set contains 8790 HMB HF: 1 x 8.0×29.0 1 x 10.0×29.0 1 x 12.0×29.0 1 x 13.0×29.0 1 x 15.0×29.0 1 x 16.0×29.0 1 x 17.0×29.0 1 x 18.0×29.0 1 x 19.0×29.0 Belt B 0/9: 45 x 310mm Nut Extractor: 14 x 43mm Hook and Loop Fastener Strip 30 1 x 30x200mm


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